Everyone has a place.

While driving on our way to Florida to visit family, we passed a grove of trees that stretched for a couple of miles. I’ve always been drawn to trees, but there was something special about these; something screaming, calling for my attention, reaching out to me.

“Everyone has a place here.”

There were rows of same sized, fully grown trees. Rows upon rows and then there would be one tiny tree. Then more rows of grown trees and then one small tree…and again developed, tall trees next to one that looked to be brand new, just planted; just breaking ground.

Something echoed within me yet again: “everyone has a place here.”

In God’s eyes we are those trees. The rows of big trees AND then right next to them: very very small trees and it’s ALL OKAY. The bottom line is that that is ALL OKAY.

We grow with Him, and in Him in our own time… in our own way and He loves it.

A few years back, God gave me a melody that said: He takes pleasure in this process… and He does. Whatever “this” process is for you does not compare to the fact that He is in the process with you and He loves every step we make towards what He is calling us to be.

It was never meant to be a competition or a comparing fest. As unique as we are… that’s as unique as our journey path. In His eyes, we all have a place- a unique and beautiful place. We can trust Him with our growth. As painful and trying and weary as that picture may be, we can trust Him with our growth, our seasons, and Change in our lives. If we are leaning on Him and looking to Him, we put ourselves in the best position to receive what He wants to give us.  —Unwavering love and His Enduring peace. (I’m still searching for that enduring peace myself 😉 ) But I’m trying. ..and that’s all He requires.

As we begin to trust, we begin to change more and more like the Father and we begin to change into the person that He already sees in us because of what Jesus Did.

That moment, seeing those trees, passed me by before I could take a picture, but I know I won’t forget that image, because that image is you and me and That’s BEAUTIFUL.




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